Not even five minutes ago I updated my facebook page with a possible answer to a thought question I’ve been mulling over in my head for weeks now. The question is “what animates the body, is it our spirit or our soul?” It has been written in the Bible many times that the life of the body is in the blood. But what is that life ? What is that animating force that defines us, that lives on after death ? This energy that makes our bodies move, heal, think and love translates itself into numerous bio-electrical forces in the body. What is it fundamentally though? How does it behave and what are the differences, if any between soul and spirit?

I believe God answers questions to those who really wants answers. I’m no body special, in fact I’m the chief of sinners, like Paul said, but I love God and I seek truth whole-heartedly, and I realize humbly that without His grace, there is no hope. I want to know the nature of reality, that is what my life and blog is all about. So God worked through my mom and she shared a sermon with Preacher Charles Lawson. He’s a favorite of mine. He preaches out of the south and you can find his sermons on YouTube. He will discuss topics that I’ve covered on my radio program Cafe Enigma, such as the Book of Enoch, CERN the super hadron collider, Nephilim, the giants of ancient times and all manner of topics that you just wont hear preachers touch (even though everything about the Bible is SUPERNATURAL).

Anyway over the course of the passed 6-7 months ive been following the works of a one David Paulides, and his research regarding the very strange and inexplicable circumstances that surround missing people that disappear without a trace in urban ssettings but most popularly in national parks , the most highest concentration of missing people being in Yosemeti National park. These disappearences are linked by some common denomonators that only make everything MUCH more unusual and leads the reader or listner to the interview that it must have to do with forces we dont understand (in popular society) , that are invisible and intelligent.

****Proverbs 18:14-The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?
“we are SPIRIT beings.. not a soul, not a body.. a spirit being. ”
SOUL is effected by extraneous stimulus, directly relates to circumstances in your life. the FLESH can be moved by lust, desire”
our souls and flesh are assaulted at every angle in this modern age, but the Bible says we are SPIRIT beings. and the spirit isnt effected so much from events on the outside, as it is from within. the spirit of a man will sustain that man regardless of the outside stimulus. if he (the SPIRIT)is being held up by the almighty God, the circumstances on the outside can change”
paraphrased from pastor Charles Lawson sermon published April 3 2016****

Recently while listening to Paulides on a more recent interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory March 23, 2016, I made a connection.  The connection was made to the work Linda Moulton Howe has been doing regarding her interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. She’s a strange woman,  whom I don’t quite understand. She parrots the establishment paradigm regarding politics and social issues. I mean she talks exactly as a typical modern slave handler would, appealing to a modern leftist and that whole socialistic ideology regarding global warming, Hilary Clinton etc. Then on the other hand, I must give credit where credit is due, she has collected enormous amounts of data…I’m just not quite sure from what agenda she is operating from..or rather should I say, what SPIRIT she operates from. Is it the spirit of truth seeking, love and the love of liberty ? Or is it disinformation and coin-tel pro ? Anyway,  the connection was made with her testimony and interviews she conducted with people who have witnessed and been given information from “aliens” who have shown these witnesses how they have what she calls “resurrection technology” . That is the ability to transfer the spirit out of one body, into a holding container, or into a totally new body.

Now she is from the popular “ancient aliens” camp, which believes humans have been seeded here, or created as a slave race, or manipulated and improved on a DNA level for purposes deemed necessary by alien race(s). I get a feeling somewhat of what is called controlled opposition from Linda, that she is put on the stage to portion out information, which most of it may be true, but a portion of it is tainted, false and purposefully presented to the interested public to confuse the reality of the situation, and distract from what is really going on.  What mine and my mentor and boss JC Johnsons interpretation of these phenomena is ( his expertise is cryptozoology) is that it directly relates to the Flood in Noahs time, and that what we are living out is angelic DNA and interference with Gods creation. It includes angelic technology as well.

It is also my belief after listening to David Paulides talk about the disappearances of people, who one reportedly vanished in the middle of crowd at a tavern. From which the detectives watched the surveillance tapes and could not see the missing man leave the bar, that it could have something to do with the same phenomenon that Linda Moulton Howe has been covering and reporting. How they link , I’m not sure yet, it is a hunch and to me its worth putting out into public view to see if I can get any outside perspective and/or clue pertaining to this most perplexing phenomena that David Paulides has been covering so diligently.

He stated in the afore mentioned interview a couple weeks ago that recently people have been writing to him saying that it sounds like these poor people who vanish out of the blue in groups of other people as if their soul has been taken from them. He has been getting this as a hypothesis from followers of his work suddenly , not just one or two people either. So if this could be a possible explanation, which, if you have followed his work at all, he wont outright say it, but thats the conclusion that seems most inevitable. That is, that people are being taken, by an invisible intelligent force, for some reason that we don’t outright know, and then being deposited in various stages of dress. sometimes naked, sometimes missing shoes and socks. They are returned dead, but the time of death is cited as more recent than the length of total time they were taken. The victims are usually returned into bodies of water. Especially the young male victims.

If this topic is completely new to you, it is worth checking out. David Paulides was in law enforcement for many years before he started writing the Missing 411 series. He is currently working on a documentary style film about these cases. If you reader have any input regarding these things, I would love to hear feedback!

Thanks again.

  • Jane Rodriguez

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