Linda Godfrey and JC Johnson are scheduled to be on Cafe Enigma Tomorrow

brayIf you are among us in our world which is comprised of people fascinated by the field of cryptozoology, and the general hunt for mysteries relevant to humanities present ,past and future, then the name Linda Godfrey needs no introduction. She is, as many in the field describe her, the “Grandlady” of cryptozoology. Her work began in the 90’s with an article in Walworth County Wisconsins paper The Week, which outlined and described what has become to be known as

“The Beast of Bray Road”. Then later in 2003, she compiled the stories she collected and research she had performed and put forth the book The Beast of Bray Road, and the rest is history, as they say.

She has gone on since to publish 16 other books, be the frequent guest on popular TV and Radio shows such as Coast To Coast AM, Monsters and Mysteries, and much more. Her work continues to be prolific and necessary to the cause of creating understanding and finding truth about the nature of the world we live in.

She is, as it turns out ,not too far from me geographically speaking, as I live minutes away from the southern Wisconsin border. So naturally when I learned of her research some years ago, I was at once captivated too by the stories she shared in her book.

Since the stories of these observations of the upright walking canid creature took place in Elkhorn, Wisconsin which is a mere 40 minutes away from me, these reports became ever more fascinating still. I have enjoyed hearing her voice recount the new research and reports she has kept abreast of over the years, and tomorrow I am so pleased to announce that along with JC Johnson, who also is one who’s work and name precedes him in this field, that Linda Godfrey will be joining us in our weekly Cafe Enigma! So please tune in at 6pm Eastern/ 5pm Central to the Cafe Enigma Show to hear
Linda Godfrey and JC Johnson discuss what they have devoted so much research and time to. Strap yourself in and hold on because it is always a wild, fun ride! – Jane Rodriguez, 12/8/2015


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